About Us

The Naicatchewenin First Nation strives to foster, promote and protect the political, physical, mental, emotional, social, economic and spiritual well-being of current and future generations toward a sovereign nation.

We are a vibrant, healthy, forward-looking First Nations community, located in Northwestern Ontario, near the Canada-U.S. border.

Naicatchewenin First Nation

Naicatchewenin First Nations actively participates in the local economy, and has several economic development initiatives.

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Our Education

The Naicatchewenin First Nation are leading to deliver a high-quality education to each and every Child. The Naicatchewenin First Nation are committed to each child—across all backgrounds—graduating ready for college, careers, and life.

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Our Chief and Council

Our Chief and Council carry the responsibility of ensuring the traditions, protocols, songs, dances of the community, which have been passed down for hundreds of generations, are respected and kept alive. They are caretakers of the people and the culture.

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