Our Education Policy documents are available in PDF format. Please download them here.

If you are looking to apply for educational assistance, the form can be downloaded (in PDF format) here.

Raechel Snowball, Education Counselor
Reachel oversees all elementary, secondary, and post secondary students of Naicachewenin First Nations. To contact Reachel call her at 807-486-3407 or you can e-mail her at

Glenda Belluz, Secondary School Bus Driver
Glenda is the secondary school bus driver for Naicatchewenin First Nation. She started driving school bus in 1985, first in elementary division and then as a secondary bus driver. All of the years but one have been with Naicatchewenin First Nation. She also transports students from the surrounding areas of Burriss, Devlin and La Vallee.

Aleta Jerry, Elementary School Bus Driver
Lisa is the elementary school bus driver for Naicatchewenin First Nation. ¬†Aleta’s daily bus run also includes transporting students from the Burriss and Devlin area.

Sandra Smith, Teachers Aide
Sandra has worked as a teacher’s aid for many years. She enjoyed working as a Teacher’s Aid so she decided to pursue in teaching the Ojibwe language by attending the Native As Second Language Course through Lakehead University, and now also teaches Ojibwe classes.

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