Health & Social

CCP Team

Janice Smith, C.C.P Secretary
To contact Janice, please call 807-486-3407 or you can e-mail at

Gary Smith, CCP Supervisor
To contact Gary Smith, please call 807-486-3407 ext. 228, Or email him at

Norma Smith, Family Worker
Her function is primarily for helping and assisting families in need of services such as reuniting siblings, and also provides prevention work to band members. She is also the Alternative Care Coordinator where she provides training for child care providers.
To contact Norma, please call 807-486-3407, or email her at

Shae-Lynn Smith, Family Preservation Worker
The function of the family counselor is primarily helping children in care, also helping community members in dealing with their issues and help resolve them.
To contact Shae-Lynn, please call 807-486-3407, or email

Tara Smith. Child in Care Worker
To contact Tara, please call her at 807-486-3407, or email

Jennifer Smith, Family Counselor
To contact Jennifer, please call her at 807-486-3407, or email


Health Employees

Tara Montague-Allan, Health/Social Services Director
To contact Tara, please call  807-486-3407 ext. 212, or email

Doreen Smith, Community Health Representative
Doreen assists community members with any health related issues. Prior to position she was the Healthy baby/Healthy children Worker for 4 years. She works along with the health department staff. She provides A.A. meetings, support meetings, and refers clients to outside agencies such as treatment centres.
To contact Doreen, please call 807-486-3560 or by e-mailing her at

Joanne Ogden, Community Health Nurse
To contact Joanne, please call 807-486-3560 on days she is in the community, or email her at

Deanna Cyr, Healthy Babies/Healthy Children
This position’s function is primarily providing workshops for the newly mothers of the community. The HBHC worker works closely with the Community Health Representative.
To contact Deanna please call (807)486-3407 or email

Adrian Snowball, Youth Worker
His function is primarily providing workshops and generate social interaction for the youth from J.K. to high school.
To contact Adrian, please call 807-486-3407 or email him at

Shelley Cyr, Interim Medical Driver
Her function is primarily providing transportation for the community members living on-reserve and to drive them to their doctor, dental, eye doctor, and specialist appointments.
To contact Shelley, please call 807-486-3560 to set an appointment. Alternatively you can email her at

Carla Smith, Wellness & Justice Coordinator
Her function is primarily providing wellness and setting up the justice system for the community.
To contact Carla, please call 807-486-3407 ext. 210 or you can e-mail her at

Erin Smith, NNADAP Worker
To contact Erin, please call 807-486-3407, or email her at

Dean Councillor, Ontario Works Manager
To contact Dean, please call 807-486-3407, or email him at

Val Smith, Ontario Works Employment Councillor
To contact Val, please call 807-486-3407, or email her at

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